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HDB Minimum Occupation Period (MOP): The Essential Things You Need to Know Before You Act

Are you a first-time homeowner looking to sell your BTO for a quick buck now that prices are going through the roof? Looking to upgrade or downgrade your unit because of changing family needs? Whatever the reason you are looking to sell your HDB flat, you have to make sure you have cleared the first and most important hurdle – the HDB Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

What is an HDB Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)?

For the uninitiated, the HDB MOP is a condition set by HDB to ensure that buyer stays in their purchased HDB flats for a certain time before they are allowed to sell them on the open market.

Depending on the type of flat, and purchase mode, the MOP might differ. For now, most BTOs and DBSS flats tend to fall under the most common 5-year MOP duration. However, going forward, based on the new prime location public housing (PLH) model announced late last year, 10-year MOPs will be coming into play.

How To Check What’s Your HDB’s MOP?

Keen on selling your home? Don’t forget to make sure your purchase has passed the MOP period and is eligible for sale.

Can’t keep track of how long it has been since you have collected the keys to your flat? Not to worry! HDB has all the relevant information about your purchase and has an easy function for you to check.

Here are some simple steps to go about it:

1. Log in to My HDBPage using your Singpass details

2. Navigate to My Flat > Purchased Flat > Flat Details > MOP to check if the unit has passed its MOP yet or when will MOP end

Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their MOP Flat

If you checked and got the notification that you are good to sell your flat because it’s past the MOP, congratulations! But before you rush into making a sale, do take some time to evaluate your options.

Want to avoid the common mistakes that many first-time HDB sellers fall for? Read on to learn what you should do instead.

#1: Not Planning Purchase with The Sale

Getting the green light to sell your existing flat doesn’t mean you necessarily have to do so right in this instance. However, many sellers are under the mistaken impression that they must sell right at the point of MOP to maximize their profits. Because of that, they fail to consider the importance of the purchase of the next property they purchase.

Want to preserve your profits from your MOP windfall? Make sure you take the necessary time and resources to evaluate and pick the right property to buy next and not rush into buying one just because you are selling your MOP unit.

#2: Not Doing Comparative Market Analysis

If you think that selling is just about you picking your desired price and placing an ad, then you’re sorely mistaken.

Without doing a comparative market analysis, it’s tough to decide on a suitable listing price. If the price is too high, you are likely not to get any offers. If it is too low, you will be short-changing yourself.

The solution to this problem? Make sure to go through a comparative market analysis by a professional or do your homework, to help you get the best estimate of your home value based on current market supply and demand levels and many other factors.

#3: Not Enough Marketing Exposure

At any given time, there are thousands of property listings in Singapore, and during MOP you can expect that at least 30 to 40 neighbours are also planning to sell, so how can you make sure your unit stands out from the crowd?

The answer? Marketing. And we are not talking about passive marketing. Taking a few photos and promoting the unit on the platforms is no longer enough to entice buyers.

The bare minimum in getting enough marketing exposure for a unit these days involve decluttering, home staging, videos, and more, as it takes more effort to capture the attention of more savvy buyers.

#4: No Proper Timeline Planning

If you have not sold or bought a property before, you may not be aware of the many different steps and transactions involved.

From putting it up for sale, viewings, and negotiations, granting Option to Purchase, submitting a resale application to the subsequent HDB appointments to finalize the transaction, the process could be as quick as 1.5 months to as long as a year.

Many owners who don’t plan ahead tend to end up with problems such as:

· Cash flow issues when they don’t receive the proceeds in time for their down payment for the next flat

· Mismatch in timings, so that they have to move out of their existing flat before the new property is ready for them to move into resulting in them having to resort to short term rental

Want to avoid such problems? Sit down and review the timeline required for each step of the process and make sure that you have got it all covered. Alternatively, leave it in the good hands of a professional real estate broker.

Can You Sell Before the HDB Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)?

Curious if there are extenuating circumstances that will allow you to sell your flat even if it’s not past its MOP yet?

Yes, there are, but these are special cases like divorce, bankruptcy, or death which require you to go through an appeal process with HDB to get approval.

As with exceptions, many of these cases are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so if you do have some unique circumstances that you require early approval for sale, you can reach out to our team and let us help access if it’s possible for an appeal.

Looking For Guidance Regarding Your MOP Flat?

Interested to learn more about what is your best course of action for your MOP flat?

An experienced real estate broker with 7 years of experience in selling MOP units, Sherwin is well-positioned to help guide you through the process, evaluate, and explore the available options before you make your final decision.

Hesitate no more! Simply reach out to Sherwin at for a complimentary sharing session today.

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